About Us


Welcome To SaveSouls, Inc


SaveSouls was created to empower Afro-Caribbean individuals suffering from overall mental challenges as well as help those suffering from symptoms of sexual trauma. We believe wholeheartedly in the resilience of our people in the way they overcome the worst situations and still find a way to achieve greatness.

However, we also know that underneath this resilience lies a culture of silence around sexual trauma, a burden of inter-generational pain and a learned helplessness due to our independent attributes. Our goal is about deconstructing the maladaptive mechanism and creating a platform where we can learn together, understand each other, improve our culture, and heal for the sake of our future generations.


Our Mission


To empower Afro-Caribbean communities through mental health education, access to resources and professional development mentorship in order to promote individual well-being and generate lasting community impact.

Our Vision


Eradicate the silence around psychological trauma in the Afro-Caribbean community.

Who We Serve


Our virtual workshops are tailored to African-Caribbean or Caribbean descent individuals from the age of 17 to 35 years old. However, we also provide mental health training to program leaders in religious community from different age groups, and our events are open to adults of all ages. We also provide CEUs training to mental health providers serving the Afro-Caribbean community.

Our Core Values


Holistic Health

We believe all mental health support should be culturally relevant and Collaborative.


We believe in the resilience of the individuals we serve to take leadership of their lives.


We believe that individual professional development is an integral part of mental well-being.

Community Impact

We believe that all sustainable change involves all of the different layers of our environment.

Historical Timeline

Spring 2017

Vision League

Vision League was created by Patricia D., Stephanie R., and Jean-Carell D. to assist transitioning youths in the community. Vision League had a community event at Uniondale, NY with a panel speaker to present on holistic health and leadership development from International Brain Education (IBREA), Local Law Enforcement organization, and educational institutions.
Spring 2017
Fall 2017

SaveSouls Ministry

SaveSouls Ministry founded by Obelle Milien organized a concurrent community conference in three states, New York, Massachusetts, and Florida to bring awareness of mental health in the Afro-Caribbean community with a turnout of 5000 participants. SaveSouls also hosted some mental health segments on REAL PEOPLE, REAL LIVES Faceebook live socail media platform.
Fall 2017
Spring 2019

SVC Workshop

Vision League created the Self, Vision and Community workshop for Afro-Caribbean survivors of sexual violence. The program was renamed Vision League Impact and had one board member, Eileen Breslin.
Spring 2019
Summer 2019

SaveSouls Inc

The two founders, Obelle Milien and Patricia Desert, joined their programs because of the common mission to empower the Afro-Caribbean community regarding mental health challenges. SaveSouls Ministry was reconfigured to generate greater community impact under one name : SAVESOULS INC
Summer 2019