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Therapy Sponsorship Program

We are offering $100 sponsorship for your initial therapy copay, aiming to support your mental well-being journey. If you or someone you know could benefit from this opportunity, please complete our qualification form. For inquiries, reach out to us at info@savesoulsinc.org. Your path to healing starts here.

International Mental Health Directory

Connecting Afro-Caribbean individuals with culturally competent therapists across Afro-caribbean countries for a supportive mental health Journey.

Self Vision Community Workshop

Transformative workshop: Discover resilience, envision futures, and heal through group activities for holistic well-being.

Community Forums

Our informative annual Therapist-led Community Forum, Is an enlightening event where dedicated therapists come together to raise awareness about mental health.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Our program partners with local churches and faith institutions to offer certification in Mental Health First Aid.

Peer support Group

inclusive Peer Support Group fostering healing through shared experiences, providing a safe space for open conversations and personal growth, guided by empathetic leaders.

Bloke Mantalman

An nou pale de bloke mantalman Daprè eksperyans mwen epi sa mwen tande nan moman m remake anpil moun ap eksperimante yon “blokaj mantal”, kòman

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