Thank you for joining our mission to impact Afro Caribbean communities! We are grateful for your time!

Volunteer Positions:

Peer Support, Grant-writing/Fundraising Assistance, Digital Marketing, Programs Coordination


Position Responsibilities:

Peer Support: Assist clients, who are undecided about therapy by hosting informative groups and programs.


Assist the board with securing and managing donors, organizing fundraising events and expanding community network.

Digital Marketing:

Assist with social media marketing, email newsletter, logistics of events.

Program Coordination:

Assist with organizing Savesouls events and workshops. Meet with admin to develop programs based on needs.

The responsibilities are not limited to their descriptions. We understand that everyone brings unique values regardless of their professional background. Thus instead of limiting your potential, on day 1 of your hire you will have the rare opportunities of creating your own responsibilities with your assigned supervisor.

As of now, all Savesouls’ positions are unpaid. However, we will work with you to ensure you gain useful experience.



Professional development, networking opportunities, community impact, certificate of appreciation, non profit management experience, opportunity for a permanent position.