Peer Support Group where people from different backgrounds meet to share their struggles and cheer each other on, on their healing journey. There’s no pressure to disclose sensitive information, but anything you personally deem sharable is welcomed. It’s a safe space where everyone can feel emotionally at ease to open up or may choose to just observe until ready to actively partake in whatever conversation they might feel comfortable to. Group leader(s) will share practical ways to ameliorate and shift the way one feel about yourself while dealing with mental health related problems. They will help you thrive while offering an healing atmosphere, a listening ear and patience to see each person through their mental soundness voyage.


You are encouraged to remain in the group even if you see a mental health care provider on a regular basis. This group is very interactive i.e. everyone can and will get a chance to speak and share information on various relevant topics. All info shared in the group shall remain in the group.


PRIVACY: To establishing trust and secure a level of comfortability, we will ask that each participant sign our privacy policy before attending the first session.


COST: There’s no dues to be part of this group. However, SaveSouls is a nonprofit organization and needs everyone’s support to continue this most sough after work. This is not an obligation, but we welcome all and any monetary contributions.


SCHEDULE: The group meets two times per month. Consistency is important not only for your progress, but it also to show the team leaders, that you value their times and efforts.

ABSENCES: A 24 hour cancelation notice is greatly appreciated when unable to attend. 3 consecutive Absences with or without notice will disqualify you from continuing. Two consecutive Absences with no notice will unfortunately bring about the latter description. If this happens, don’t feel discouraged, reach out to team leaders for information on how to rejoin the group.

RESPECT: Mutual respect is a must. Always remember your situation may be similar to one person, but your journeys are totally different. We will agree to disagree to avoid dissension.

We welcome suggestions instead of opinions, Empathy instead of apathy, Differing of opinions but with respectful and caring tones.