SaveSouls is committed to enhancing the mental well-being of Afro-Caribbean individuals navigating various challenges. Our mission acknowledges their incredible resilience in the face of adversity, while addressing the hidden traumas, inherited pain, and learned helplessness within the community. Our goal is to break these patterns, creating a collaborative space for learning, cultural enrichment, and transformative healing, ensuring a brighter legacy for future generations.

However, we also know that underneath this resilience lies a culture of silence around sexual trauma, a burden of inter-generational pain and a learned helplessness due to our independent attributes. Our goal is about deconstructing the maladaptive mechanism and creating a platform where we can learn together, understand each other, improve our culture, and heal for the sake of our future generations.


Our Mission

On a mission to empower Afro-Caribbean Youths through mental health education, professional mentorship, and access to resources.


Our Vision

SaveSouls INC wants to positively impact 100,000 Afro-Caribbean youths to unlock their full potential by 2028. We aim to empower them to become their authentic and thriving selves through comprehensive mental health education, unwavering support, transformative mentorship, and fostering avenues for professional growth.”


Who We Serve

Our virtual workshops are tailored to African-Caribbean or Caribbean descent individuals from the age of 17 to 35 years old. However, we also provide mental health training to program leaders in religious community from different age groups, and our events are open to adults of all ages. We also provide CEUs training to mental health providers serving the Afro-Caribbean community.