SaveSouls Mental Health Relief

SMHR aids Haitian survivors globally through Creole-speaking therapists, holistic workshops, and now provides staffing support to shelters serving the Haitian immigrant population.

SVC Workshop

Self, Vision & Community Workshop

A three-session series focused on exploring identity and healing (self), envisioning a brighter future (vision), collaborating on career development (community).

Exploring one’s identity before and after trauma, envisioning a desired future, and creating a healing plan.

Participants are guided through group exercises with coping skills and resources to manage their health and mental health.

The Vision section focuses on dreams, aspirations, and navigating migration changes.

Participants work in groups to create career development plans, led by facilitators.

The Community section promotes integration and social mobility. Participants examine their roles, address barriers, and share resources.

The workshop emphasizes healing and personal accountability.

Therapy Sponsorship

Therapy For Migrants

We offer $100 sponsorship for initial therapy copay, aiming to support migrants in getting therapy.

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Copayment Sponsorship Application​

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We commend you on this important step toward your healing journey!

To encourage you on this journey, Savesouls will provide you with a $100 copay toward your mental health visits. Applicants are selected based of needs and first come basis.

Visit our directory to select your therapist and have the information of your provider ready because we will need that information once you are qualified for the copay.
Step 1: Fill out the complete form.

Step 2: A member of the Savesouls team will contact you within one week.

Step 3: Respond to Savesouls' email with your selected provider and date of scheduled appointment.

Step 4: Savesouls contacts your provider to confirm appointment and payment method process.

Step 5: Savesouls sends you a code number to give to your provider and pay the copay on the day of your visit.

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You Can Help

Shelter Support

Sign up to volunteer at shelters providing essential support and resources to those in need. Your time and compassion can provide comfort and assistance during a critical time of transition.

Together, we can create a welcoming environment and offer a helping hand to those in search of safety and stability.