Savesouls Haitian Mental Health Relief

The Savesouls Mental Health Relief (SMHR) program, initiated in October 2021 in response to the second earthquake in Haiti, focuses on aiding Haitian survivors. The program called upon Creole-speaking therapists to volunteer their time for brief mental health crisis interventions for survivors both in Haiti and the US. Therapists responded to the action call and were able to assist survivors with processing their trauma and developing a plan. 

Additionally, Savesouls organized virtual holistic workshops titled Self, Vision, Community, to create a safe space for the diaspora. Through this effort we were able to help approximately 200 people. 

Since August 2023, savesouls has been collaborating with different organizations and shelters to provide the SVC workshop in person to Haitian newcomers.   SMHR aims to extend its support beyond the workshop by recruiting local volunteers to support shelters serving the Haitian immigrant population with staffing assistance to address their most urgent needs.

How to help ?


Your funds will directly contribute to providing essential needs such as food, clothing, bus passes, and crucial mental health support.

All donations are tax deductible.


Join us in supporting Haitian shelters—volunteer your skills, whether in staffing or as a therapist, by filling out our form now!



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